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In Arkansas there's: Walmart, the Razorbacks, the Clinton family, high poverty levels, plenty farms, and then there's new age Hip-Hop craftsmen- Flashlight $lim (born Julien Battle).

Bred from a preacher's daughter and a former jack-of-all-trades DJ, there were stark contrasts from birth and this shows in the duality of his music.
"Daddy was a hustler/ Papa was a pastor/ I get confused like which model should I follow after/ I want live right/ I want to be saved/ but why it seem like sinnin' is the only way?" 

His journey to balance the good and evils in life, is his tool to teach people and to connect with them and other journeymen through his own personal triumphs and failures. 
Growing up in a single parent home and being a natural loner, there weren't many opportunities to enjoy luxuries that some of the more "fortunate" kids  experienced and music definitely filled his void of expression. After entering band (to play the trumpet in the 7th grade) and with the advances in the music industry with downloading; $lim's knowledge, respect, and tastes can be traced back to this point of time in his life.

In early 2014, $lim would jot down raps but only did it for the fun and fulfillment it gave em; but after  friends caught wind of it, they would finally convinced $lim to take it on more seriously; brandishing himself as a 'for the people' artist. Relatively new to being e a recording artist, Flashlight released his very first project the acclaimed 'Lifesavers Vol.1. Currently he's promoting the EP and setting the foundation to his budding music career while at the same time looking for new lanes to fill and to be an inspiration to the people he calls "The Battery Pack". The latest glimpse of where he is at with his artistry is on display on the late-2017 project 'Small City God'.


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